Program of SoEA4EE 2013

 8.00 -- 8.30Registration
 8.30 -- 8.45Opening - Selmin Nurcan, Rainer Schmidt
 8.45-- 10.00Keynote: Service Systems Governance and Enterprise Architecture: a case in the financial sector
Eric Dubois, Director of the Service Science and Innovation Department, CRP Henri Tudor, Luxembourg
 10.00 -- 10.30Coffee Break
 10.30 -- 12.00Session I : Goal and motivation driven service definition for enterprise engineering
 Towards a Methodology for Goal-Oriented Enterprise Management
Evellin Cardoso, Hasso Plattner Institute, Germany
Discussant: Michael Möhring
 Service Innovation and Service Realisation with VDML and ServiceML
Arne J. Berre, SINTEF, Norway, Yannick Lew, University of Oslo, Norway, Brian Elvesæter, SINTEF, Norway, and Henk de Man, Netherlands
Discussant: Evellin Cardoso
 12.00 -- 13.30Lunch Break
 13.30 -- 15.00Session II : Decision related issues in enterprise engineering            
 Conceptual Integration of Enterprise Architecture Management and Security Risk Management
Eric Grandry, Christophe Feltus and Eric Dubois, Service Science and Innovation Department, CRP Henri Tudor, Luxembourg
Discussant: Arne J. Berre
 Service Oriented Enterprise Engineering applying viable system approach in Enterprise Engineering for sourcing decision making
Laleh Rafati and Geert Poels, Faculty of Economics and Business Administration, Ghent University, Belgium
Discussant: Eric Dubois
 15.00-- 15.30Coffee Break
 15.30 -- 17.00Session III : Service-oriented enterprise architectures for big data in the cloud
 Towards Service-oriented Enterprise Architectures for Big Data Applications in the Cloud
Alfred Zimmermann, Reutlingen University, Germany, Michael Pretz, Daimler AG, Germany, Gertrud Zimmermann, Zimmermann & Partner,  Germany, Donald Firesmith, Carnegie Mellon University, USA, Ilia Petrov, Reutlingen University, Germany and Eman El-Sheikh, University of West Florida, USA
Discussant: Laleh Rafati
 Strategic alignment of Cloud-based Architectures for Big Data
Rainer Schmidt and Michael Möhring, Aalen University, Germany
Discussant: Alfred Zimmermann
 17.00Closing SoEA4EE'13