Full papers (8-10 pages in the IEEE-CS format) describing mature results are sought. In addition, short/position papers (4-6
pages in the IEEE-CS format) may be submitted to facilitate discussion of recent research results and ongoing projects.
Industry experience reports provide new insights gained in case studies or when applying service-oriented EA for enterprise
engineering are also welcome. The paper selection will be based upon the relevance of a paper to the main topics, as well as
upon its quality and potential to generate relevant discussion. All contributions will be peer reviewed based on the complete
version, being full or short.
Please note that all submissions should be made in PDF format and comply with the [IEEE Computer Society Conference
Proceedings Format Guidelines]( The
proceedings will be published by the IEEE Computer Society Press and be made accessible through IEEE Xplore and the IEEE
Computer Society Digital Library.

Please submit your paper to Easychair at

At least one author of each accepted workshop paper will have to register for the whole EDOC 2017 conference and attend
the workshop to present the paper. Analogously to previous years, there will be no workshop-only registration at EDOC 2017.
If a paper is not presented in the workshop, it will be removed from the workshop proceedings published in the IEEE Xplore
digital library.
The SoEA4EE workshop has been a full day workshop in conjunction with EDOC’09 in New Zealand, with EDOC’10 in
Brasil, EDOC’11 in Finland, EDOC 2012 in China, EDOC’2013 in Canada, EDOC’2014 in Germany, EDOC’2015 in
Australia and EDOC’2016 in Austria. The programs of the previous editions can be reached from the portal of the
SoEA4EE series: