The 12th Workshop on Service oriented Enterprise Architecture for Enterprise Engineering

SoEA4EE Workshop

For engineering service-oriented enterprises in the era of cloud computing could EA notations be a lingua franca?

in conjunction with the EDOC conference since 2009

Call for Papers

5 October 2020

On Service-Oriented Enterprise Architecture for Enterprise Engineering (SoEA4EE)

Enterprise Engineering (EE) is the application of engineering principles to the design of Enterprise Architectures. It enables deriving the Enterprise Architecture from the enterprise goals and strategy and aligning it with the enterprise resources. Enterprise architecture is used to map the enterprise goal and strategy to the enterprise’s resources (actors, assets, IT supports) and to support the evolution of this mapping. It also provides documentation on the assignment of enterprise resources to the enterprise goals and strategy. There are different paradigms for creating enterprise architecture. The most important is to encapsulate the functionalities of IT resources as services. By this means, it is possible to clearly describe the contributions of IT both in terms of functionality and quality and to define a service-oriented enterprise architecture (SoEA).

Goal of SoEA4EE

The goal of the workshop is to develop concepts and methods to assist the engineering and the management of service-oriented enterprise architectures (SoEA) and the software systems supporting them.

Expected Results

All papers will be published in the workshop wiki ( before the workshop, so that everybody can learn about the problems that are important for other participants. The workshop will consist of long and short paper presentations, brainstorming sessions and discussions. Workshop papers will be published in a second volume of the EDOC 2019 conference proceedings.